Portfolio thing

Being quite a seasoned c# programmer, as well as writing my own graphics engines myself in opengl/dx11/vulkan, I wanted to have a go at modding s&box because it sounds like quite a fun game for someone like me

Projects I made

I've made at least a handful of semi popular desktop programs, mainly in c#, here I'll list a couple


world’s fastest and most customisable MIDI rendering program - arduano/Zenith-MIDI

Currently still the fastest and still the most customizable midi to video renderer, one of its features includes compiling c# scripts in runtime and hotloading them into the renderer (kinda like s&box does from what I can tell) to have easy customization.

As of writing, sitting at around several downloads 

And here's zenith being used to render a video:

For a good perspective of how many people use zenith, search "Rendered with zenith" (including quotes) into youtube.
Here's a link if you want: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query="Rendered+with+zenith"


An optimised and modern MIDI player, with the goal of replacing Piano From Above as well as some other common black midi players. - arduano/Kiva

Currently the fastest seekable midi player (faster ones exist but they don't allow skipping back in the midi).

Runs on DX11, with WPF for the UI

Here's a video of kiva running on a big midi:

The download count here is also several

Sketch bot

Discord bot for sketching images. Contribute to arduano/sketch-bot development by creating an account on GitHub.

A bot that lets you draw and send your drawings back into discord.

Someone paying respects to bob ross


My framework for reading, writing and modifying MIDI 1.0 files - arduano/MIDIModificationFramework

A library for high performance and high flexibility MIDI modifications. The person that's likely nominating me has used it in multiple of his projects:

A MIDI Editor made with .NET 5 using Veldrid, ImGui and MMF - Kaydax/Sukoa
A fast, multi threaded, cross platform FL Studio project file to midi converter using MMF and FLParser, made in C# - Kaydax/flp2midi

Oh and also, I did a lot of work on Sukoa as well (designing most of the backend and all the user interaction code), and helped out with flp2midi.

Other work

I've also worked in multiple paid/volunteering programming jobs, though they were all in full stack typescript (and react for front end), for the sake of privacy I won't list them.